Welcome Acio! Our Dili Exchange Volunteer.

What is your name? acio

My name is Placido Soares. (Nickname: Acio)

How old are you?

Im 25 years old.

What do you do?

Dili Exchange Volunteer, studying Masters in Social Communication at the National University of East Timor, and working at the Action for Change Foundation. (See the facebook page here)

What do you like to do on the weekends?

On the weekend I like to go to the beach and do sport activities such as badminton and ping-pong.

What are you doing in Darwin?

Cooperate with youth of Darwin, look at activities, and also learn more about what new activities we should bring to our country to develop more and more, so that East Timor youth might improve their lives.

How are you finding Darwin so far? How is it different to Dili?

Its good, I just hear from some friend they had came before and got the Darwin information through the internet. When the first flight and Im in Darwin its a big differences between Dili and many new things that I get in two couple days.

acio2What would you love to see in Dili?

Soccer, hip-hop, animals and swimming pools.

Favourite movie ever?

Yes, Rambo.

Favourite food?

Chicken and vegetables.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?


Can you wiggle your ears?


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